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1 kb DNA Ladder

HotRox Master Mix with antibody blocked Taq Polymerase and 1 µM ROX dye. ROX is used to normalize the fluorescent signal in Real-Time-PCR

AptaHotTaq Polymerase

AptaHotTaq DNA Polymerase is a HotStart DNA Polymerase which uses DNA-Aptamers instead of antibodies for blocking the activity at ambient temperature.

This high concentrated variant with 30 U/µl is suitable for lyophilization and diagnostic kit production. AptaHotTaq is not available via our internet shop, please contact us if you are interested.

AZT-Triphosphate, 100 mM

AZT-triphosphate is a thymidine anlaog, used as inhibition of reverse transcription in vitro and for the investigation of polymerase-substrate interactions.


Bgl I is a restriction enzyme purified from Bacillus globigii lacking Bgl II.


Bgl II is a restriction enyzme purified from Bacillus globigii lacking Bgl I.


COT I Human DNA is prepared from human male placenta DNA and is used for background reduction in applications like Microarrays and In Situ Hybridisations.