COT I Human DNA is prepared from human male placenta DNA and is used for background reduction in applications like Microarrays and In Situ Hybridisations.
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COT I Human DNA is prepared exclusively from male human placental DNA by shearing, denaturing, and reannealing under conditions that enrich repetitive elements to 98 %. The COT I fraction of human genomic DNA consists largely of rapidly annealing repetitive elements. Repetitive elements present in a probe may result in unspecific hybridization signals. To enable specific hybridization of the probe to the chromosomal target site, the probe is denatured together with an excess of unlabeled COT I Human DNA as a competitor. This improves the signal-to-noise ratio and decreases false positive signals for applications like Microarrays, In Situ Hybridisations and Southern Blots.

COT I Human DNA is phenol treated and tested for absence of HIV, HCV and HBV. The provided solution shows a concentration of > 1,2 mg/ml dsDNA.

BIORON also offers COT I Human DNA in bulk quantities and with higher concentration, please contact us if you are interested.

See also Human Placenta DNA for lyophilized powder with fragments > 10 kb.


Filter/ Microarray hybridization assays
In-situ hybridization
Single-copy-gene hybridization
Reduction of cross hybridization